Unleashing the Butterfly Within: The Story of Le Faire

in Jun 21, 2023

Step into the enchanting world of LE FAIRE, where dreams take flight and young golfers discover their true potential. Join us on a journey that began with a passion for golf and a deep desire to empower girls to unleash their inner butterflies on the fairways. In this blog post, we will share the inspiring story behind our brand and how we are redefining girls' golf apparel. The Birth of LE FAIRE. 

Our brand was born out of a vision to create high-performance golf apparel specifically designed for girls. With a background in golf biomechanics & studying the body-swing connection, we set out to design our clothing with the girls in mind for the optimal freedom of movement when it comes to the swing. 

Embracing Biomechanics:

Dive into the world of golf swing biomechanics and how it influences our design process. As the body movements are intricate in the golf swing, we considered the unique movements in designing our pieces to create apparel that enhances performance and unlocks the full potential of young athletes. We try to design out pieces with a twist from traditional golf clothes while keeping it a professional look & fit to help girls perform at their best in style.

Sustainability as a Core Value:

We try to be as sustainable as possible in our production as opposed to the fast fashion in order to make long lasting and performance driven clothing instead of apparel that is not built to last. As we strive for high quality products, we try to source and utilize materials that are recycled and environmentally friendly. As well as making our apparel in small batches to reduce fabric waste.  We strive to offer plastic-free in our packaging, using reusable cotton bags that the girls can bring on and off the golf course to carry their shoes/ clothes on the go. 




The Power of Individuality:

Celebrate the spirit of individuality and self-expression in our designs. Explore how we break free from traditional golf clothing norms, infusing our apparel with vibrant colors, unique patterns, and a sense of fun, allowing girls to showcase their personality on and off the course. Each girl is unique and we want our designs to be specifically for the girls to wear, while feeling confident as they achieve their goals in golf.



We believe that every girl has the potential to soar like a butterfly. Through our dedication to exceptional quality, performance-driven design, and sustainability, we invite girls to join us on a journey where style meets excellence. Discover the power of unleashing your inner butterfly and transforming the way you experience golf.