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Our Mission on Dressing the Growing Athlete: How We Designed Our Latest Collection

Our Mission on Dressing the Growing Athlete: How We Designed Our Latest Collection


Junior golf training is a journey of growth and development, both on and off the course. In this blog post, we delve into the importance of purposefully designed apparel for young golfers as they progress in their training. Discover how our clothing is meticulously crafted to fit the unique movements of a junior golfer's swing to enhance their performance at every stage.

Growing with the Athlete:

The challenges of dressing growing athletes has been a common topic for years. As the founder Michele grew up being a junior golfer, it has always been frustrating to find the right type of fit in her clothing that made her feel comfortable and allowed her to swing confidently.

When designing our first collection at LE FAIRE, we try to address these needs by interviewing the young girls themselves to see what they envision and what they like and dislike about the golf apparel they've owned in the past.  We then set out to design our apparel accommodating the ideas and feedback from the girls to make our clothing more adaptable to the changing bodies of junior golfers, providing a comfortable fit and ensuring freedom of movement as they develop their skills.

The Power of 4-Way Stretch:

Our apparel is made with a recycled polyester material with spandex allowing the 4-way stretch technology. 

This innovative feature allows our clothing to adapt to the athlete's movements, providing unrestricted motion and optimal performance. Our apparel is designed in consideration of the golf swing movement, especially with how the arms move with the body, so the construction of the clothing allows complete unrestricted motion as the girls swing away.

Comfort and Performance:

Although our apparel is made with a 230GSM recycled polyester, the fabric is lightweight and breathable when worn in golf training & competition. We've had our girls test the materials and fit under different weather conditions from hot & humid to mild & cool. Our apparel keeps young golfers cool, dry, and comfortable, even during intense practice sessions or challenging weather conditions. The combination of material and construction of the design also keeps the shape of the clothing when worn by the girls; which then withstand the extra movements of the clothing pieces when playing in windy conditions.

Confidence on and off the Course:

Explore how our apparel not only enhances performance but also instills confidence in young athletes. Discover how the right clothing can contribute to a golfer's mental state, allowing them to focus on their game and express their unique style. We aim to create something new from traditional golf clothes, while making it fit better for girls, all while being fun. At the same time, we aspire to help these girls achieve their goals in golf while also remaining in style whether it be on or off the course. 

Junior golf training is a journey that requires the right tools and apparel to support young athletes every step of the way.

At LE FAIRE, we are dedicated to designing performance-driven clothing that grows with the athlete, optimizes comfort and freedom of movement.

Join us in celebrating the exciting world of junior golf and the remarkable young athletes who are shaping its future. ⛳️ 🎉


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