Injury Prevention for Junior Golfers - On their journey to LPGA:

in May 21, 2024

Injury prevention is essential for junior golfers to ensure they enjoy the game safely and avoid common injuries. Here's a concise guide to keeping young athletes on the course and out of the clinic:

1. Warm-Up and Cool-Down

  • It is important to have a good warm up & cool down routine before practice & play so you can get the body ready for the robustness of the swing movement and keep your mobility after working the muscles through the swing during practice.

2. Proper Technique

  • Proper technique is crucial for junior golfers, especially when the body is going through many changes with the growth spurt and hormonal changes. It is crucial to identify any movement pattern changes along with compensations in time to prevent any risk of injuries while maintaining their performance as they train & compete.

3. Strength and Mobility Training

  • As the junior grows, the body structures change and every little change can affect one’s mobility & strength. It is very important to make sure the girls are able to keep their mobility against the growth in the bone’s structure as well as start incorporating appropriate strength training to get them maintain the movements they need in the golf swing. 
  • This will help to build resilience against injuries and also keep their ability to sustain the speed gains they achieve.
  1. Adequate Rest and Recovery
  • As much as practice is very important for improving her skills, scheduling days off and paying attention to signs of fatigue are also very important to prevent any overuse injuries. 
  • Keeping practice sessions to a reasonable length with breaks will not only help maintain focus but also prevent any risk of overuse injuries.

5. Appropriate Equipment

  • Properly fitted club will help enhance performance along with proper technique and also ensures safety with avoiding extra load on the body.
  • With prolonged exposure in the sun for practice & competition, proper apparel and headwear with sun protection are also important to make sure you are able to keep the skin healthy while continuing to train & compete.

6. Professional Assessments & Help

  • When you are not sure if it’s the right thing to do, reach out for professional help! It is important in a junior development to help them identify any possible compensation patterns or injury risk so you can correct them in time to minimize any downtime from playing!

Implementing these strategies can help junior golfers minimize injury risks, promoting a healthy and enjoyable golfing experience.