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How & Why We Started

Michele Liew, is the founder & designer behind LE FAIRE.

With a profound understanding of biomechanics & body movements, our mission is to create versatile & timeless pieces for girls to wear confidently while they train & play in the sport of golf.

Growing up as a junior golfer, properly fitted clothing for golf was always a challenge to find.

As she dive deeper into the biomechanics of the swing, looking at how movements patterns develop as junior golfers grow; she noticed the lack of properly fitted clothing that could potential affect and alter swing mechanics, especially when the golfer has to wear layers.

So we started looking into designing for LE FAIRE...

In January 2022, she decided to look into different fabric options and started designing our first collections together with our team of junior girls.
She wanted to create apparel that the girls envision and would want while working through the proper fit and construction - down to the weight and characteristics of the fabric to ensure the clothing will allow the girls to move properly through the golf swing.
The designs and prototypes were tested over and over again, from the aspect of the swing biomechanics, temperature conditions, moisture wicking ability when it gets wet to having girls being active girls in them to make sure our products can withstand under all conditions.

Introducing Le Faire

Where style meets performance and sustainability intertwines with excellence.

Step by Step...

Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our product. The fabric used in our garments are locally sourced in Canada, and we prioritize using recycled polyester combined with a ChitoSante treatment. This innovative approach not only reduces waste but also enhances the durability and performance. We take pride in producing our apparel in small quantities, ensuring the highest quality standards are met for each piece.

We strive to be 100% committed to the girls who play the sport...

Our design & testing process is extensive; in which we want to make sure we have the best products available for the girls.

Locally sourced and made in Canada, we also make our collections in smaller productions to start so that we make sure we only produce what the girls like and avoid creating more waste from fashion.

Thoughtfully packaged too.

Packaging is another area where we prioritize sustainability. With each order, you will receive a 100% cotton bag that can be reused for golf and daily life. Our packaging is entirely plastic-free, aiming to minimize environmental impact and promote reusable solutions. Furthermore, we have ensured these reusable bags are washable, providing convenience and easy maintenance for active girls who face various weather conditions on and off the golf course.

At every step, we strive to provide sustainable, high-quality, and tested products that empower girls to perform their best on the golf course while being mindful of their impact on the environment.


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