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Introducing our Golf Sun Sleeves, meticulously crafted with UV protection at the forefront. Expertly designed to shield your skin from harmful rays during your rounds on the course. Not only do these sleeves offer superior protection, but they also prioritize your comfort with their breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics, ensuring you stay cool even under the scorching sun. Elevate your game with our Golf Sleeves, where comfort meets functionality, allowing you to channel grace and self-reliance both on and off the course.

73% Polyamide
27% LYCRA®

What is LYCRA®?

LYCRA® fiber is a premium elastane fiber renowned for its exceptional stretch and recovery properties. Unlike other fibers, LYCRA® is never used alone but is always blended with other materials to enhance their performance. This innovative fiber contributes to unparalleled comfort, perfect fit, shape retention, and durability, ensuring freedom of movement with every wear.

What sets LYCRA® apart is its unique ability to stretch up to seven times its original length, then effortlessly return to its initial shape once the tension is released. This remarkable elasticity is the secret behind the superior performance of fabrics containing LYCRA®, providing you with garments that move with you and maintain their impeccable form.

Our arm sleeve offers a snug yet comfortable fit, providing stretch without being too tight. Designed for superior sun protection and complete freedom of movement, it ensures you stay protected and comfortable during any activity.

Crafted with a blend of 73% Polyamide and 27% LYCRA®, our golf arm sleeve is built to endure the rigors of the game. The high-quality materials ensure exceptional durability, maintaining their shape and performance round after round. LYCRA® fiber enhances the sleeve's resilience, allowing it to stretch up to seven times its length and return to its original shape, ensuring long-lasting comfort and functionality. Whether you're swinging on the fairway or practicing at the range, this arm sleeve is designed to withstand the demands of golf, providing reliable protection and support every time you play.

Delicate Wash
Machine wash cold
Do not bleach
Do not add optical brightener
Wash with similar colors
Use laundry bags
Iron low temperature / Use press cloth.


Vendor: LE FAIRE & CO.

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Our golf clothing seamlessly combines breathable comfort, growth-friendly durability, swing-enhancing design, and lasting elegance. Experience the perfect fusion of style and function with every swing.


Introducing our cutting-edge line, meticulously crafted to elevate performance. The perfect fusion of style and technical innovation, our collection is tailored to meet the unique needs of young female golfers, ensuring they look and feel their best while competing at the highest level.

Incorporating the latest in golf biomechanics to fit the unique movements of a golf swing, our collection fosters confidence, strength, and poise in the next generation of female golfers.



Helping you understand the essentials of conscious fashion and performance-driven apparel

What is the science behind your apparel?

Our apparel are designed and tested with SwingTheroryTM with Swing Lab based on the specific biomechanics of the golf swing. Our apparel are designed to move with the body seamlessly as the girls swing to allow a completely unrestrictive move even when dressed in layers for cooler temperatures down to 5C/ 40F. We test all our designs with 3D motion analysis of the golf swings of girls from ages 8-17 in our lab to ensure we construct the best fit possible for most girls sizes and body types.

How does your sizing and fit compare to other golf clothing?

Our sizing is similar to regular age sizing for youth apparel - with the smallest size fitting 6-8 y/o and largest size fitting up to 16-18y/o or women’s Small. Our tops are designed to be fitted but not skin tight on the girls so that when they get into the golf set up posture, the clothing should fit nicely and move with the body without any excess fabric that might get in the way during the swing. Our bottoms are designed to allow maximum movements regardless of what lie/ position the girl has to stand on to swing; make sure they are comfortable and able to move freely even when they are on a side hill lie/ edge of a bunker!

What is the material that you use in your apparel?

We try to use high performance material that also includes all the key features that we need to keep the girls cool, warm and dry under all different climates and conditions. Our first lines are created with a combination of Recycled Chito material (Polyspandex), Bamboo/Cotton and Dintex which provides 4-way stretch, moisture wicking, water & wind resistant, UPF protection and bacteria control.

How does this help with their performance?

As a former competitive golfer, players often have to play in many different weather conditions and sometimes the weather can change drastically over one round of competition. We use the highest quality of material combined with the best fit & construction tested and proven by science to make sure the apparel move with the players swing seamlessly so they can feel comfortable and not restrictive in the golf swing; which can affect the delivery of the club.

What is the estimate growth room for your apparel if my daughter grows during one season?

Our tops are designed to be more slim fit and have a growth room of about 1 inch for the width and 2 inches for the length. Our bottoms are designed with a room of up to 2 inches growth in the waist (but if the waist band is a bit looser, it will still hold up until they grow because of the construction); as for length, it is up to 2 inches of height as well before it becomes a bit too short for their height.

I would love to be part of team LE FAIRE’s Player’s club - how can I apply to join?

If you love us and want to be a part of our team - apply in the join our club page! We will review application on a rolling process and there are a limited number of applicants accepted every season ( Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)

What are the benefits of being part of the Player’s club?

You will get 50% off your first set of order along with 20% discount for all future orders + FREE SHIPPING. The biggest benefit is that you will be involved in our design process using your feedback so that we can create what the girls ( YOU!) really want!

How should I dress when playing in cooler weather?

Playing in cooler weather can be challenging! Want to make sure you have the right layers combination so that your body can stay warm while able to swing freely as well! Don’t forget your hand warmers & mitts as they are very helpful when playing in the cool weather!

How should I dress when preparing for rainy & windy weather?

With rainy and windy conditions, want to make sure you have layers with water & wind resistant properties along with moisture wicking. That will help reduce any discomfort while playing in this weather - Check out our Signature jacket that will help keep you warm & dry along with layers of our sweater collection and/or long sleeve top.

What should I prepare for playing in hot & humid weather?

With hot & humid weather, want to make sure you are dressed in apparel that will keep you cool & dry, with high moisture wicking and cooling technology to keep your body temperature down and wicking of your sweat. Also, make sure you have plenty of fluids and electrolytes handy when you play in the tournament to keep you hydrated along with our Coolmax hat to keep the sun & heat away from the b op=oy


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